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Pro Tint has been providing professional window tinting and vinyl graphics services since 2011. Get car protective ceramic car coating in Windsor from Pro Tint. Car coating protects your car’s exterior by applying a clear layer that adheres to the vehicle’s current paint. At Pro Tint, we use FEYNLAB© products . The original ceramic coating on the market, FEYNLAB© offers the best protection for your automotive paint, plastics, and metal finishes from pollutants, UV, microwaving, oxidizing, and corrosive chemicals.

Our Products

Ceramic Lite is the most simple and economical coating we provide. This paint coating is easy to use, durable, slick, and hydrophobic. It will provide a high level of gloss to any car. It provides surface versatility since it can be used to protect most vehicle exterior surfaces. We provide this coating at a price that is extremely competitive.


Ceramic coating is a heat-, UV-, and chemical-resistant application. It imparts a high level of gloss and is also water-repellant. This high-solids coating is durable and is sure to impress you!


Heal Lite is the perfect solution for dark coloured vehicles that are difficult to maintain. It provides brilliant gloss, and has excellent water sheeting properties.  Wash marks and other light scratches will vanish once heated by the sun. Get UV protection and high gloss with 60% of the healing capabilities of Heal Plus.


Ceramic Plus combines our self-healing technology and durable ceramic technology. It maintains the thickness, protection, and gloss of ceramic while incorporating 40% of self-healing capabilities for light scratches and micro marring.


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We offer ceramic coating that is durable and economical.

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