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Protect your factory paint from stone chips and scrapes.

There are two forms of paint proctection available at Pro Tint -

PPF (Paint Protection Film) and Ceramic Coating.

Paint Protection Film

PPF (aka Paint Protection Film) is a thick clear vinyl that acts as a protective barrier against anything that can cause permanent damage to a car's paint. Such as rocks, bugs, sand, keys, and salt. Most commonly used on the front end of a vehicle, PPF keeps vehicles protected and looking newer for longer.


At Pro Tint we use a high quality Madico film called Protekt to ensure that your vehicles paint won't take damage. Available in all different forms of coverage. Under handle cups, rear arches, front end kits, right up to full car wraps.

Bring your vehicle by the shop to discuss different options and receive a quote.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating protects your car’s exterior by applying a clear layer that adheres to the vehicle’s current paint. Similar to wax, but with a superior finish. 

At Pro Tint, we use FEYNLAB© products. The original ceramic coating on the market, FEYNLAB© offers the best protection for your automotive paint, plastics, and metal finishes from pollutants, UV, microwaving, oxidizing, and corrosive chemicals. Available in a 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, and 5 year Heal Lite.

Heal Lite is the perfect solution for dark coloured vehicles that are difficult to maintain. It provides brilliant gloss, and has excellent water sheeting properties.


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