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Wrapping Services in Windsor.

Upgrade your car’s aesthetics with Pro Tint’s vinyl wrapping services in Windsor. Use vinyl car wraps to advertise your business, prevent colour fading, and personalize the look of your vehicle. We can complete full, partial, graphic, or colour change wrapping. No matter what kind of vinyl wrap you choose, your vehicle will be an eye catcher when Pro Tint is done with it. We can also do a customization of the entire vehicle with the designs of your choice. 


We have completed a variety of vinyl wrapping projects including:

  • Automotive wraps

    • Colour change

    • Custom graphic designs

    • Fleet wrap

    • Trailer wrap

    • Chrome Delete

    • Hood & Roof wrap

  • Helmet wraps

  • Molding helmet wraps

  • Home and office wall wraps

  • Urn wraps

  • Bar & table wraps

  • Instrument wraps

  • Pop Machine wraps

Don’t let your imagination stop at the car! We can do vinyl wrapping for your wall, pop machine, phone case, laptop, and more. Whether you have a full design in mind, or are still unsure of what you are looking for, we can help you at any stage of the creative process.


We have a designer on hand to supply our clients with graphic designs and any inspiration needed! Call us or stop by to get the discussion started.


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