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Add some privacy to your space.

Commercial and Residential window tint is a reflective film that allows a person to see outside, but does not allow others to see inside of a window. Applying high-quality tints to the windows of your home or business can help protect you and your property from the sun’s damaging heat and UV rays. Without adequate sun protection, your furniture, floors, and artwork can tend to fade over time. The harsh UV rays can also cause harsh glares, increase indoor temperatures, and put you at risk for various skin issues. We also offer window tinting with gold and silver reflective finishing. If you require window tinting in Windsor for your home or office, contact Pro Tint now!


Tinting the windows of your home or office can give you the following advantages:

  • Reduced interior fading

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Reduced sun glare

  • Additional privacy

  • Stops unwanted heat

  • Increased interior comfort

  • Increased visual appeal

  • Increased safety

Tint can make your home and office more comfortable and private. Pro Tint offers a range of window films and tints that will reduce your energy bills, protect you and your family from harmful UV rays, and prevent interior surfaces and furnishings from fading. Tint also holds glass shards together in the event of an accident.

Contact our shop to learn more about our services.


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