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Still Squinting? Get a tint with a lifetime warranty.

Using a top of the line Black Pearl High Performance film from Madico, Pro Tint provides the highest quality cut and materials available on the market. We computer cut all window tint to ensure that any year, make, or model can have a tint that is a perfect fit.


Applying an automotive window film to your vehicle protects it from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Without tint, the interior of your vehicle can fade, harden, and even crack if made of leather or vinyl. Sun glares are a common and dangerous part of driving that can easily be avoided with window tinting. Ceramic tint is also available for the added property of heat rejection. A great way to keep your car cool and avoid that baking feeling during long summer drives.

Check out Madico's Tint Simulator. Keep in mind we only carry 70%, 55%, 35%, 20%, & 5%.


We offer lifetime warranty on our work! Call to book your appointment with us.


Your choice of shade- pricing is not effected.



(Factory Match)


(Windshield Tint)

(Windshield Tint)

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